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Brenda Martin, Programme Leader




Welcome to the Integrated Services for Children and Young People Webpage. The contact details for the Partnership Boards who are delivering the Integrated Services Programme in Shankill and West Belfast can be found here.

If you have any queries I can be contacted at Belfast Education and Library Board, 40 Academy Street, Belfast BT1 2NQ. Tel 028 9056 4259 or by email on brenda.martin@belb.co.uk



  Integrated Services for Children and Young People  
  About the Programme        

The main purpose of the Integrated Services for Children and Young People "Integrated Services" Programme is to ‘to improve the life chances of children and young people, demonstrated by increased achievement levels’. The Project Board believes that they can be afforded improved opportunities in order that a long-standing cycle of disadvantage can be broken.

  Programme Guide  
  A Framework for Integration - Briefing Document  
  First Interim Evaluation  
  Project Board  

The Integrated Services Project Board is a formal sub-committee of the HAZ. The Project Board is responsible for the strategic implementation of the Programme. It will also assist in the search for further additional funding beyond the IDF.

  Project Board Membership    
  Local Programme Guides  

Guides to the Integrated Services Programme in Greater Shankill and West Belfast have now been published. Current staff vacancies and programme updates are available on the relevant Partnership Board websites:-



Contact Details

Greater Shankill
West Belfast
Tara Brown
Mairead McCafferty
Programme Manager
Programme Manager
Greater Shankill Integrated Services for Children and Young People
West Belfast Partnership
Spectrum Centre
331 Shankill Road
218-226 Falls Road
Belfast BT13 3AA
Belfast BT12 6AH
Tel 028 9050 4555
Tel 028 9080 9202

Integrated Services Project Board - Membership

  Mary Black (Joint Chair)   Public Health Agency, Health Action Zone  
  Jackie Redpath (Joint Chair)   Greater Shankill Partnership  
  Ritchard Brazil   Health Action Zone  
  Betty Carlisle   Greater Shankill Partnership  
  Frances Donnelly   Belfast Health and Social Care Trust  
  Elaine McCarthy   Public Health Agency, Health Action Zone  
  Terry Murphy   Council for Catholic Maintained Schools  
  Danny Power   West Belfast Partnership  
  Geraldine McAteer   West Belfast Partnership  
  Jill Trotter   Belfast Education and Library Board  
  Nicola Verner   Greater Shankill Partnership  
  Blanche Thompson   Belfast City Council  
  Graeme McKimm   Business in the Community  
  Alan Cowie   Health and Social Care Board  










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